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All Hands In

The CULTURE PAL  IRELAND project seeks to provide all residents of Ireland, with various opportunities to open their horizons to learning about and better understanding other cultures. 


Through CULTURE PAL  IRELAND. we raise awareness and provide specialized training programs to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in society. The Culture Pal project is committed to facilitating conversations around identity of migrants in new communities, microaggression, racism, an inclusive society, achieving equity for all.


Our focus on enabling connections between indigenous Irish and ethnic minority / marginalized communities, including migrants, sets apart our initiatives and drives measurable results. 

Through CULTURE PAL  IRELAND, we promote diversity, equality, equity and inclusion in society. Our initiatives target multiple sectors, from corporate companies to education institutions, ensuring that we can make real, tangible progress towards a more equitable future. Browse through our projects below to learn more about how we are driving positive change.

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