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People Development.

Training, coaching, mentorship.
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MIB Institute of People Development is a human capital building centre, focused on delivering quality coaching, mentorship and transformational courses for individuals, leaders, groups, organisations and businesses, that seek to build themselves and their people. 


Our Mission

To fill the people development gap between formal and informal education, providing moral education, re-orientation, mindset shift, and value-based training, through coaching, mentorship and transformational training for individuals and teams, helping people find themselves and their purpose, to live a more impactful life. 

Our Vision

To see people find themselves and their purpose, build their character, confidence and 

competence, improve in their work, relationship, health, finances, and live a purposeful, balanced life. 

Our Goal

To build people's confidence, character, courage, competence, capacity, capability, and enhance their talents; enabling them pursue their passion and develop their skills, for personal, business and career growth.

Built on over 25 years experience of people development and growth trainings, our learners are always at the heart of what we do, (the reason our courses are easily adapted and customized to meet individual, group, and workplace-team needs, no matter where they are located). With a passionate team of experienced trainers, every course comes with support through hybrid sessions.

We provide flexible learning options for individuals, groups and workplace teams all over the world, catering to people who seek to be better, grow and progress. Our adaptable training options, afford our learners the opportunity to progress at a steady and result-oriented pace. Our courses can be delivered online and on location for the convenience of our learners, providing an enriching learning environment and reflecting the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our learners. 

Our transformative learning model is designed to help our learners grow both in and out of the classroom. Our learners are supported to build personal, and work path, helping them work towards their goals, and develop their skills.



Dunville, Navan,
County Meath, Ireland

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